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19 Mar 2005

da song!

Posted by rishabh in General | 11:40am

this is for all ya puddle of mudd fans. i just looove this song.

She Hates Me
Met a girl, thought she was grand
fell in love, found out first hand
went well for a week or two
then it all came unglued

in a trap trip I can

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  1. By blur

    19 Mar 2005, 7:45pm [ Reply ]

    todally love it too :) nothing better than screamin that aloud in front of a teacher u really really really hate :-p

  2. By chotacyrus

    19 Mar 2005, 11:12pm [ Reply ]

    hey..just wanted to say thanx for the book u recommended(FPS)..absoluetly loved it..and I`m embarresed as to how I didnt know abt it earlier:D

  3. By rishabh 2 blur

    21 Mar 2005, 11:38am [ Reply ]

    umm...if u hate the teacher, how come u r screaming " she fucking hates me" at her, it should, " i fucking hate ya" lol

  4. By rishabh

    21 Mar 2005, 11:40am [ Reply ]

    @ cyrus, and guess what, the book is gonna be made a movie soon.

  5. By blur

    22 Mar 2005, 9:03pm [ Reply ]

    good point :D

    xams vover?

  6. By rishabh

    24 Mar 2005, 12:31pm [ Reply ]


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