bittersweet me (thanks r.e.m)

aloque | 16/05/2004, 09:32 hrs

ok...first and foremost let me say keep the comments coming,'s a high to know i am liked.... that there is someone else in this world that laughs at the same things i find funny.

also that this blog wouldn't make much sense if you didn't read the last one. so maybe you should.

i wanted to say something about my first girl friend then. no. no. not the girl i first kissed. that was an entirely different girl. so, there were 2 girls. one i went out with first and then the first kiss. wouldn't blame you for a little irritation at this point.

so i was 15, i think and i thought she'd be my wife and she thought, "when's this dude going to kiss me?"(explaining my excessive enthusiasm on the actual first kiss) and so it happened that she found a guy wit considerably higher testosterone levels than me two months later and i buried my first wife with much grief and bitterness.

thing is i have forgotten, almost even forgiven her. but have you ever been dumped for a guy who is half as smart as you, not even as average looking, and with the brain to body proportion of a stegosaur? then you'll know how i feel, today, 9 years later.

i still have fond memories of how he'd have to shave every single day (saw him at school,yechhhh) and his cheeks would look kidding guys Gaa reee nnnnn. so my endearment for him was fungus face. heard his parents just called him fungu darling. hey, different strokes for different folks?

i know, fungi are living things and might one day be proven to have feelings. so i want to stay on the right side of the fungal political fence and hereby apologise for any ill feelings that might arise from exalting this dude's' face.

bitter bitter bitter....loving every minute.

saw him just recently, just as green and i am just as happy.

i have feelings too. in retrospect, i shouldn't have gone to his birthday party uninvited just to give him fungicide.

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Responses to bittersweet me (thanks r.e.m)

  1. Yeah, this is that same irritating person again who can't seem to control the commenting urge. Btw, where's the sweet part of bittersweet? :p

    ps. How do you look when you shave?

  2. Fungi,Fungi...Ooops.Funny,Funny:)

  3. never said i had to shave, did i, aran...keep up the compulsive commenting dude, appreciate it.
    thanks a mill.

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