Am I the biggest whiner ever, may be yes but this site wants me to put in html tags to get through some special effect in my blog. FH fix this. Iím able to change the font and put pictures only through html tags. No patience what so ever so please FIX it.

So actual post

I donít remember the last time I had to much fun gardening considering the fact that I never did it I wouldnít blame myself for not remembering. It was awesome, shit tiring, the main part of decorating the garden in front of my house included me sitting down and standing up. Lets see we started with mulching, me includes me and a part of my family and my 4 yr old ABCD cousin. Who accidentally dropped the rake right on my head. But that weíll come back to later. So Mulching for the lesser known mortals would be raking the older mulch and putting new wood chips on the ground.

Wood chips=mulch

Donít ask me why people do it around here cause I donít know and I donít have patience to find out either, they do so we did it. Apparently all it happens in all the cold places. Well this mulching happened for 2 hours, then we ran out of mulch SO

Now to the store ~ find mulch~ find a bakra to put it in cart ~ pay ~get outta the store~find one more bakra to put in the car ~ come back home

Then next stop walmart, to return something we brought the other day, hey those tulips are cute, let plan them next to the path way, obviously we took them.

Ok lets see all pumped weíre getting this done today ~ me hell yeah we are.

3 freakin hours of mulching, yes I have a huge garden, lets get the tulips in, WOKAY lets getíem in. heyyy the gladiolis that we brought a long time ago let getíem in too. Fill the fuckin water in the cans and put water, I sware my hands became NUMB by the time I got the water into that watering can, I just wanted to fall in that grass and die. Ok we finally got everything done and WOILA the finale to be is cleaning the mess we made during doing all this. Fullto Indian istyle we brought out jhaado and chata sweep dump sweep dump this was time when I said we should take this up as a profession weíll become really skinny and earn hey what more could a girl ask for. Yes surprisingly my khandan agreed. Oh I give up I just felt like posting and go I posted. Just kept getting too many JHATKAS Today, somthign wrong with my school account, wont accept my credit card. Either something is wrong with my credit card or something wrong with the college itself and am going with something being wrong with my colllg since I really liked my credit card.

Uhhhh am bored


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