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I had to give a speech the other day in my public speaking class and I had to persuade my audience to do something. I was allowed to pick whtever topic I wanted to I picked blogging. *GLEE*

Check out my speech, I got an 89/100 not bad eh  I know, I made you proud dint I. ok check out the speech

Professor M.W. Schaefer
Public Speaking 110
22 March 2005

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to blog after considering it’s advantages

Central Idea: Blogging is an interesting hobby with various advantages and a chance to discover oneself


I. Did you ever get dressed head to toe, thought you looked adorable and then got into another outfit ten minutes later cause you thought you did not look good enough? Some of you should have. You just changed your opinion and a tiny bit of yourself for someone else. You always here people saying “be yourself” but no one really does it.
A There’s such an exaggerated mask so thick that you forget to be yourself more often that you know, if you have at least one t-shirt same as your best friend then there is a lost of individuality a little bit, you move with the inevitable part of this life loosing tiny bits of yourself, changing and becoming something that your not.

B. Today, I have a solution to this problem everyone is facing, you could be yourself and not get picked on by your so called friends for liking guns N roses and Nirvana or liking to drive in snow. You could be yourself with the anonymity and talk about whatever you like.

C. What would you write about right now if I said write about something that makes you really mad. Surprising how many things that strike your mind. Isn’t it? This is why I have a blog, and am here today to tell you about the numerous joys of blogging and to persuade you to blog.

I. I am sure most of you must be saying so what if you blog?

A. If that is the question you are thinking of then I’d gadly answer that by saying that you have never tried it. If you ever tried it then its pretty much an addiction, a silly addiction might I add you wouldn’t really say what if you blog if you tried it.

B. How ever stupid this next line may appear to you its true, everyone needs an outlet to their emotions, you need to talk to someone. In this world when you cant tell from your deceiving friends from the good ones who would you go to and share your secrets with? With so many complications you could end up in a lot of trouble and embarrassments.
You can completely avoid this and have a journal online which can act like something much more than journal. You could make a lot of friends throught
out the world without even having to sit down for hours to chat on AOL or MSN.

II. Some of you might have a misconception of this journal of yours being read by everyone but let me make it clear to you by saying that if you want to keep it private then you could.

A. You could keep it public and make everyone read it and not know that it is yours.

B. Vodka could be your blog name inorder to conceal your identity and still there could be a vodka lover who blogs, who would comment on your blog.

C. The required bit of anonymity will be perfectly available since it is the internet.

(Transition: If any of you are still confused about blogging then the next few lines will make it very clear to you)

III. There are a few sites called the xanga or blogdrive where you create a blog in 2mins. It’ll probably take you more time to create an email address when compared to a blog.

A. Once you made your self a blog you give it your own url connected to the site your creating one in. Then you start posting on it, here is the fun part.

1. If your url was vodka, believe me when I say this, although your under aged and talking about the joys of vodka drinking the CIA wont track you down and punish you.

2. You can talk about anything you want, politics, your boring day or the interesting speech class. It doesn’t matter since its your blog and you can write whatever you want.

3. I always post my term papers on my blog for my friends to read and tell me how it is before I turn it in, I even posted this speech a while back for them to read it and tell me, yes they did say it was fine.

4. Let me tell you a tiny secret I have another blog that I keep private to have my dark side writing done there, to let all my emotions out to scream at anyone I want. No one ever reads it since its private.

IV. I do believe it could be really fun, since you have your anonymity if you want.

A. You might wonder what is the big deal, even online chat rooms have their own bit of anonymity but if you sat down and typed two pages about your long boring day and put it up in a chat room asking them to comment on it, no one is going to say anything about it, you’ll probably get abused and kicked out of it.

B. Whereas in blogging you could write about your whole day and not wait every 30seconds for someone else to reply. If you have a comments option on your blog then people will read your post and comment on it. You could come back and check it whenever you want.

C. Its an advantage, no waste of time and absolutely no pressure of answering back immediately if there is an embarrassing comment you could always delete it or block the user from commenting on your blog, you could even get rid of the comments sections.

D. Its your blog, you could do anything you want with it.


I. Bottom line there should be a million reasons for blogging and you would figure out at least half of them if you tried it.
A. If your saying I don’t have time for it Then I’ll have to say your lazy, if your telling me you don’t have 2minutes a day to make a blog and post a message of 5 lines for the post being “hey ya’ll what’s up? This is my new blog and a few lines then whether you like it or not you are lazy.

B. This class is going to get over before time, now you could go to the computer lab, Room number 311, right after this.

C. I am sure you’ll have 10mins at least and you could create a blog in those 10mins and actually post something. So for once try being yourself and not act like how your friend want you to, talk to this world like you not like someone else, some other person wants you to be. I hope all of you consider blogging and the pamphlet has a few blog hosting sites.


dont worry i dont have a secret blog to get any negative energy out, i was just only bakofying. this speech was totally for firangs who dont talk to people and was meant for them and for them to relate to this kinda shit. i dont blog for thsoe reasons. i blog just for FUN :)

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