Sea change

aloque | 16/05/2004, 17:01 hrs

to the people who've been reading me over the last couple of days, i know we've kinda established a 'I write, you laugh' routine, or so i'd like to think!

life isn't all fun and games. so gather some courage, your thinking caps and get ready to kiss your homes goodbye. coz, dorothy, we are going to storm some serious issues here.

crucify me at the end of this if you feel like it but just be truthful to your self.

Are we sociable people? I believe we are. Are we a part of society?  Undoubtedly. Are we our own persons? Mostly not. Time has left its scars on society making it the demanding, manipulative, ever hungering entity it has now become. We as a race have become greedier, more dishonest and ambitious for the wrong ends. Intentions and reasons have lost precedence over results.

Society is, unlike what we may like to believe, not the vast majority of faceless beings apart from our own little cliques…..friends, family, teachers and so on…. but, especially inclusive of these people from the personal standpoint of every one of us, because, it is to these wills and opinions that each of us try to conform to. It is to these eyes that we strive to present our best selves to day in and day out (note best selves sadly aren’t always true selves.). It is from these minds that we seek approval. And once we have that, do we really look beyond it? With all these voices waging wars in ours heads do we even hear ourselves? Do we hear our conscience? Do we give our selves enough importance, except in matters that mean little?

Can we survive without all these opinions that are not ours? We have learnt to. Oppressed minds have backdoors of rationalization and justification that make people believe that they are not really slaves to anyone else. Who can survive happily if they thought that their every action, and every thought was being put into their heads?

Ok. Lets say I am wrong. Lets even say I am talking out of my ass. How many happy people do you know? Are you happy? Considering it is most people's goal to find happiness over all else, we are failing miserably.

How many of us would be happier if some of our present social definitions of success did not exist? (thanks to my dear friend, inspiration) so Imagine no

Ranking systems

Pressure to pursue professional education

Arranged marriage or any marriage for that matter

Religious / political differences

Stress on financial success

fashion industry to tell us our clothes are uncool

friends telling us drinking is cool or parents telling us it’s not

wars to brand us patriots or traitors

geographical divides to hold us back from seeing the world our ancestors roamed free in.

racism. How many hindus or muslims among us, even the most tolerant, have not at some point questioned each others motives?


No. These are our circumstances. These are our influences.

But do we realize that every one of them is a CHOICE?

Or do we follow the majority? We must make conscience based decisions from within ourselves. If society is plummeting in a downward spiral, it’s because more of us are conformists seeking happiness from approval and acceptance rather than courage and conviction. We now exist in a parasitic symbiosis of grey areas. We are losing distinction between black and white, right and wrong. We are losing ourselves.

We can choose for or against any issue. We can choose to smoke or abstain, to be a doctor or a DJ. We can choose our influences. We are equipped. But influences are choosing and controlling us. We are reacting to life, always a step behind.

As the saying goes … is a social animal…..I beg to differ. Man, as of now, is society’s pet hamster, running furiously on the wheel in his cage, hoping to get somewhere.

The title of the post does say 'Dimensions of me'!

whew!! that was hard work. i think some comments are due, don't you?

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  1. Okay aloque, quite serious and thoughtful, that. But I really do think that you're talking about the cause which is slowly but surely fading away from the minds of our generation. Okay, I agree, there will always be people who will remain firmly entrenched in the 19th century but so many people I know are cooler than you think. Just the fact that you're talking about it is proof. There are more of you out there, Many more. Find 'em and get the club on. I'm joining. :)

  2. aran, buddy, ole pal, you are the only one who's even interested in what i'm sayin' here? where are all the other 'cool' people?
    btw, when's your next one comin along
    no pressure
    jus asking

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