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A Divine Experience

lucipherous | 7 April 2005, 12:53pm

I just had one of the best dum ghost biryani's in the history of mankind.It was epiphanal. It was orgasmic. It was Shakespearean. Wow.

There are a few watershed moments in the history of India. The Declaration of Independence. The Nuclear tests. Wining the world cup. The death of Mahatma Gandhi. And now, my biryani. The only question that remains is
whether we move forward or backward now. Can India build on the legacy of my biryani, or will we use it for evil? Sure, we could rest on our laurels, and turn inward, to protect the secrets of my biryani, preventing the proliferation of biryani materials and capabilities to the axis of evil, and those who would do us harm. Maybe we will isolate ourselves from the rest of the lesser-biryani eating population. Or, maybe we use this opportunity to spread the message of the biryani to the world. We could open our arms, and show the world the way. With the rapid expanse of technology and synthetic rice and genetic engineering, we may even be able to improve upon that biryani. For that is the hope of democracy. And after we get done exporting democracy, hopefully there will still be someone spared from the bombs to enjoy it.

Perhaps the biryani epitomizes the height of our species, and marks the start of the Apocalypse, as we will never again attain such glory. Perhaps God himself was born incarnate in my biryani, and the biryani represented the anticipated rapture the world has awaited for two millennia. As we move forward this day, I challenge each of you to live a life worthy of my dum ghost biryani. When laziness tugs at your legs, when pain surges through your back, when doubt enters your conscience, when cynicism darkens your soul, think of the biryani. Think of the glories that we can achieve. Together. You. Me. And my now eaten biryani.

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