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19 Apr 2005

Six Degrees of Separation

Posted by Oblivion in General | 8:16pm

"...successful social search is conducted primarily through intermediate to weak strength ties, does not require highly connected hubs to succeed, and, in contrast to unsuccessful social search, disproportionately relies on professional relationships. By accounting for the attrition of message chains, we estimate that social searches can reach their targets in a median of five to seven steps, depending on the separation of source and target, although small variations in chain lengths and participation rates generate large differences in target reachability. We conclude that although global social networks are, in principle, searchable, actual success depends sensitively on individual incentives."

The results of Small World Project are finally out.

I have been trying for two years to get in touch with two friends with whom I had lost contact. I'm still waiting for the slightest information that could lead me to them. Methinks six degrees of separation theory holds good only conditionally. Need to think more on that... 

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  1. By Vj

    20 Apr 2005, 4:53pm [ Reply ]

    @Numbskull: Amen! :)

  2. By Numbskull

    20 Apr 2005, 3:59pm [ Reply ]

    May be that we are approaching the problem from a totally wrong direction.

    May be that Quantum Mechanics has the key! (Well, say "quantum mechanics" when you don't have a thing to say and yet want to sound profound!!)

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