Collectin memories ..
packing bags ...
the summers here ..
i gotta head back ..
to a life thats real ..
where i can be me ..
to unmask the face ..
and all the untruths beneath ..

thank you for being there.
all night and day.
thank you for always listenin,
to the little i had to say.
thank you for making me
take the stage,
and shielding me while i was there...always..

sorry i didnt give you more,
its just not meant to be,
a little dream i was living
i had to wake up in between.

In your memories i hope i live,
as you move on to give somebody else,
the space and all the love,
the attention and all the time..

i leave today,with no promise of tomorrow..
i know you cared.Not that you said so..
The time has come.
The long day is done.

Collecting memories ,packing bags,
the summers here, I gotta head back.

Current Mood: Gloomy
Current Music: Malarey