Parent trouble

aloque | 17/05/2004, 03:10 hrs

did you ever have one of those conversations with a parent when you know you've crossed a line you've been striving to build and maintain all your life? not one of those angry conversations where you say things you don't mean but one of those when you are cool and collected, and say something close and personal to you, that you know has to be said at some point in life.

and it changes his (father in my case)  perception of you for ever. you can almost see the light of understanding that there is something that he hadn't calculated in the scheme he had proposed for my life. and the uncomfortable silence (don't you just love them) that followed, both of us knowing that there were no apologies for not meeting each others expectations, both of us realising that being in a family does not imply automatic understanding of each others decisions but trusting nonetheless that we'll come around to accepting each other.

 i'll still go up to his room in the morning and read the newspaper while he's busy on the telephone. the silence between us at those times is always comfortable and also comforting. just a 'good morning ' might pass between us but it does make the morning better. 

my father is a difficult man at times, and maybe as a difficult son i deserve a difficult father.

to think i was annoyed with him when i started this blog. kya se kya ho gaya. thanks guys ( i know you didn't do anything but then i'd have to thank a computer. you understand, then?)

good night hyderabad

happy blogging

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Responses to Parent trouble

  1. Hi Alok(?), glad you found a rewarding outlet in blogging. These online, impersonal interactions have the potential to offset the real world disappointments, if appropriately carried out. Hope things'll improve between you and your parent. Keep posting!

  2. well, i can see why you think my name is alok...
    i think its ok already. thanx

  3. Hey aloque, lovely post. I think I understand what you're saying. How much leeway do we allow the ones we love to affect our decisions? How much do we let them influence us because we know that they love us? And how much do they let us go, loving us and wanting what they think is the best, when we think we want something else when we think it is for the best? Are there any right answers? Accepting the fact that someone we love may not always like the things we think for them and the protectiveness is indeed a hard thing to do.

    Liked your father from the post above. Seems like he's a good man. Btw, you are too. ;)

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