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18th March The Convocation Day

Posted by Swaname | 26/04/2005 09:05

Bye Bye PGP - Convocation of Seniors

End of March 16th marked an end of end term written exams though we are still left to submit a case and a take home exam. March the 18th is one special day for our seniors they would be graduating and would be getting their certificates. A sad day coz many others like me would be loosing close friendships we build during this one year. Our seniors are very special in way we get to learn the first steps of being an MBA from their experiences not to mention the exam papers and cases they let us solve. I do remember the long talks we used to have till early mornings with few of them.
Anyways the convocation was held in the amphitheater on the campus lawns and was chaired by Mr.Muttiah (BCCI) while Mr.Kiran Karnik President Nasscomm was the chief guest. The convocation which happens to be the first in my life was one colorful ceremony where the faculty, the board, and the students were all robed and presented with their degrees in presence of their parents and well-wishers. The joy on the faces is quiet remarkable too
!!! Quiet a Kodak moment. I too managed to get some snaps when I sneaked back for a talk with Kiran Karnik. He was one person to meet. His 1/2 hr address at the podium was very interesting. The person is such a gentleman and very open person too. He spoke very freely with all of us when the ceremony concluded. This is snap I got with him.
This snap is of our faculty at the cermony

The ceremony had a gloomy patch too. Our PGP Chairman and Students Affairs chairperson are leaving the institute. The PGP Chairperson is held at very special place by the student community. Apart from this our PGP chairperson was yet to recupeprate from the demise of his mother who passed away few days back.

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