Im studying for an exam that could be the last written one for a long time ..
I thought id give this one my bestest shot n all was my last attempt at anything close to hardwork ...but sadly here i am again, doing the whole last minute cramming thing ..
I had bread and was awesome !! It reminded me of my school days , when we could carry tiffin boxes to school and there were a few girls who always brought the same stuff day after day for like 3 years !!!! Like Ms Nam who always brought lil cube shaped thingies of really heavily buttered bread ..ahh those skinny days .*sigh* ...and Ms Sr who always brought kichidi ,the yummiest there ever was and daddojanum again a very stylised name for something as simple as curd rice thinks the name made it all tasty !:-p Another girl used to get the best salad in the whole world. It was a salad with finely chopped tomatoes,onions,cucumber in sweet n sour syrup ....

Then there was Amul who always managed to eat her lunch before anybody could even have a look at it was a three level tiffin box ..those really big carrier dabbas ,the bottom one would have curd rice n pickle ,the middle one would have vaazhakaai fry and the top most one would have pickle rice !!!! All that for a break where lunch had to be eaten in the first 15 mins ..the remainin 45 minutes were spared for 5 stones and gossip !! There was deb..with her burnt maggi ..sad as it was was still finished completely by girls who would eat up anythin that anyone called food/lunch !!! Anu would get the usual tomato curry and chapatis ..which she always took back home ..she usually forgot to eat her lunch cos she was too busy tryin to finish everybody elses, whether they liked it or not ..:-d and ofcourse there was aarthi ..all north indian .. her tiffin box even looked Mughulai !!:-p

Lunch breaks were always reasons for celebration during school ...i havent had a proper lunch break for almost a year now ...and i also wont have an exam to write for atleast another year with due respect to all the hungry people there ...i have to say bye here ..more about my epicurean fantasies later ..tata !!!


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