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Neurotron | 17 May 2004, 3:57pm

change paragraph..(presses 'enter' thrice) change paragraph...(presses 'enter' thrice) change paragraph..

did it happen?? If it did, yay! Now, was I, as usual, the last to know about this? And would I have remained for ever in the depths of darkness if not for Krits and JLU? So many kossans...please, let there be some way i dont have to keep typing the break code to change paras... did it work now?? Damn...

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  1. 1. By  |  17 May 2004, 4:57pm

    Dear Neurotron:

    Okay, so it was our fault. We normally assume our users are incapable of pressing the Enter key, and so did not bother to check if our own house was in order, if there were bugs in our own scripts. We've rectified the mistake for now, but from next time onwards, remember to press that Enter key. And remember to eat all your vegetables.

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