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4 May 2005

The Day After

Posted by Oblivion in General | 10:15pm

The Earth smelt of blood
Despair filled the air
And anguish stared in my eye
Alone stood I amid
The whilrwind of hopelessness

Red flowed on the road
Every leaf writhed in pain
The little baby smiled no more
The ground beneath,
Reverberating in shock,
Craved for calm

The silence of Death
The resignation of Life
The tear of God
Watched in patience
The wily smile of insanity

Unspoken remained the words
Many a path left untrodden
As love and brotherhood
Ebbed away into
The rumblings of War

Shattered dreams, frigid corpses
Strewn all along
Fire of anger burned within
As I walked alone
Among the remnants of civilization

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