I want to die. Yes, you read that right, I want to die. why? you may ask. well because I hate exams. that explains it eh? I still want to die. I have art history tomorrow and outta 6 sets am done with 2 of them. 4 more to go. 12 hours to go, out of which i will need 6 for sleeping and 2 for eating and reaching colld. which leaves me with 4 for studying. I canNOT finishd 4 sets in 4 hours that is beyond immposible. Hence people, I want to die.



P.S: jumps from gawd knows where, havent figured it out yet but if u have suggestion please do the required enligtenment.

Current Mood: Screwed
Current Music: foo fighters- the best of you (this is the best foo fighters song EVER, find it and listen to it for sure!!)