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Sri Vekatesharuni Darshana Bhagyam (Tirumala Trip)

Posted by Swaname | 05/05/2005 22:32

The wait is over, the call has come, time to seek blessings for future venturex and thanks givings for the past blessing and well being and luck he bestowed me with.
1st of April I finally started off from Hyderabad. Initially we planned to start off after my 1st year exams around 23rd from Hyd, we then even booked the tickets for the same dates too, but fate wouldn't allow, I had MIS case submission, which I inevitably delayed the process till the last hour. So the trip was delayed for a week. Finally I decided to take the trip on my way to Chennai for my summers. Aboard Venkatadri express I started off my journey at 8pm with my dearest friend to Tirupathi the pilgrimage town. It's been over two years that I last visited and over 4 years that I offered my hair at Tirupati. I reached there at around 8:45am had bath and started off our ascend by APSRTC bus. We had our darshanam slated for 11am.Due to regular delay we got a chance to visit the holy shrine only at around 2:30pm. We took our blessings and ventured out for some shopping for that day. Later in day I went to KalyanaKatta for tonsure. Here had my cool and refreshing bath which refreshed me off already deprived energy levels.

Above is the snap of tonsuring at one of the Kalyanakatta. Later that day retired a bit early as I was feeling too tired. The next day Sunday we started off on a two hour journey to one of the most famous Vinakaykudi temples in AP. The Lord Ganesh, or Varasiddhi Vinayaka as they call here is the deity of the temple at this place, Kanipakam.One peculiarity of the Vinayaka Idol is that it eternally grows in size. To testify the fact that the Lord is growing, the Silver "Kawacham" that was manufactured 50 years ago is now too small for the idol. The temple was built in around 1333 I guess by Chola dynasty. It was till a few years a small one. But over the years with growing importance of Tirupati this temple has been expanded and new complex has come about. This was the first time I was visiting the place, and I felt that it was almost as busy as the Tirumala Balaji temple but on a smaller note. Everytime I go visit such divine places I feel strengthen and spiritually risen and blessed. Hope and pray everyone's dreams and ambitions come true.
Hope next time around I go systematically for my trip. In sense 1st Varahaswamy darshanam, next tonsure, next pushkarini dip, next the darshanam. I really hope all this can be done. And I want to see little greenary on hills which has been missing in this particular trip

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  1. Posted by Amy Walters
    12 Oct 2005, 9:59pm

    Hello, I work for NPR and I'm doing a story about Indian Hair. I would really like to talk to you about donating yoru hair. Do you have any idea if it is being used now and what for? Please e-mail me. Thank you.


  2. Posted by steve
    3 Dec 2005, 3:49pm

    hai please send me ur picture with bald head.i love both long hair and bald heads of girls.

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