This BLOWS!!

aloque | 17/05/2004, 15:11 hrs

someone told me that marilyn manson had his lower ribs removed so that he could blow himself!! i thought well, whatever and forgot about it.

somebody else told me that the fastest way to get hits on a blog site is to hit it yourself a couple of hundered times.

then it came back in a hurry. i can see how two totally unrelated incidents are in fact, the same.

so guys who are doing this....good news!! the only thing standing between you and true happiness are 2 measly ribs. hell, if you find a guy who needs a bone transplant you will even get paid for it.

and gals who are doing the same, bad luck! janet jackson had her lower ribs removed but that only gave her an amazingly flat, (maybe even concave),  tummy.

i guess you'll just have to continue (c)licking your own sites then.

my apologies to agony's requiem. i can see yer point now.

Current Mood: Destructive
Current Music: distorted by the fumes billowing out of my ears

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Responses to This BLOWS!!

  1. No need to apologise brother...

  2. Hey, try chucking out those ribs too. :D

    What's the point of this entry? Some people are egomaniacs. So?

  3. hey guys, that concept stinks real bad. guess everyone knew about it. and no one can do anything, rite? so maybe, just maybe, when these guys are hitting themselves, they get the vision of being doubled over. that will do it fer me.

  4. am i not supposed to post my real name here?
    how will you know who is posting?

  5. if you want to give out your name, i think its going to be pretty hard for us to stop ya!! do you want us to know?

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