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14 May 2005


Posted by Oblivion in General | 5:48pm

You walked away
To the unreachable
And I stood destitute
On the ground barren

The murky sky roared
And the dusky clouds poured
Melancholy was the song
That tore my heart

The last glimpse of yours
Faded into the dim distance
And with it, vanished
A thousand dreams

Life looked distraught
With gloom was everything fraught
World moved without care
As I searched for myself

This was the road
We walked on together once
Two souls on a journey
To the land of Bliss

Alone am I standing now
And you are nowhere to be seen
Neither a trace of happiness
Nor sorrow gnaws every moment

Fragrance of your memories
Fills the still air
With tear-dimmed eyes,
I ask, "Where hast thou gone?"

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