The First two hours landed me with an official first hickey from my dog. Although the doctor said it was absolutely not necessary my mother did not want her own daughter to get insane so now both my arms suffer with injection blows. The first 10mins of my bike ride included me jumping a red light and finally my first 10mins in Chilkoor temple included me spraining my leg. Currently I have summer cold and fever as well. Bottom line it aint that great to be back in hyderabad specially when its so freaking hot. In one weird abnormal sort of way its kinda awesome to meet all the idiots, get pampered by mom almost die in an accident just feel hydi and everything. Its just kinda weirdly awesome to be back. One thing very clear is am not entirely sure why I wanted to post this post. Oh uh OH incase you wondering if I met another Chris on flight well NO, not really I met someone close to him though. I met a 12yr old from Syria who wouldn’t stop crying because he misses his parents(he was on a school trip to Malaysia from home) Incase you were wondering again I wanted to tell you that he did give me his email id and YEAH I dint add him either. GLEE

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