Why do you blog? You you and YOU?

Irrelevant, redundant question? Maybe. Though the very presence of such a question on a blog needs some rethinking. Why do I blog? I wish I knew. In the past few weeks, I've typed out quite a few "blogs" or simply put "passages in Notepad" and never got to posting them here. Why? Dunno, cuz I sure dint feel like it. 'Cuz going to fh.com, logging in and d whole procedure got to me. Now, here comes the crunch>

I actually liked typing out those posts, though they never were posted. The entire point of writing something was done, I'd neatly(or not so neatly) chronicled and shelved away memories of specific instances in my life. The purpose of my blog was served, whether I wanted to share it with ppls or not was the question and I chose not to. For no particular reason. It was mentally satisfying to sit down and put down my thoughts in a readable manner so I just may chance upon that file and find a different me, the past_me(a la Calvin's future me).

I look at this blog now and see so many little subtleties which I'm sure will have me smirking 2/3/4.. years down the line. :) If fullhyd.com is still standing that is. :D There's another thing to notice abt this blog in its current state, the complete lack of posts. Its been hardly updated, hardly alive. The last few posts have been abt me n my b-school madness, gone is the soul of Setec Astronomy, wtf is that?? u may ask, let me tell u>> It is displayed in one of my earlier posts titled "Bitch stole my title", that, dear readers, is the essence of Setec Astronomy not this self-elevating, senti crap, not the whole look at me, I'm a B-schooler posts. This is Payne's blog and it shall remain so, atleast for the sake of the 70-odd views I get every 24 hrs even with a complete lack of new content.

On the occasion of this blog teetering on touching 20,000 views, I say this>> Setec Astronomy shall return. *dramatic music starts to play in the background* It shall be the all conquering blog again, MUAHHAHAHA! (if anyone has paid a tad of attention to this point, they would-a realised that this post has zilch in it). Purpose achieved. Like Seinfeld's proposed TV superhit, this blog from now on shall have more of that one thing which was lacking till now, NOTHING.

Mind blogging stuff.


When there is no pain, there is neither the reason nor the desire to think or create. Payne shall return.

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