I can just see the newspaper headlines tomorrow :

Jo Bole So Nihaal Bombs at the box office!!

Oh well, I don't think they'd get to that pun anyway..but it'd be cool if they did wouldn't it now? The incidents in Delhi completely redefine the meaning of a movie bombing don't they now? :| As I flipped through the channels today and caught the words BREAKING NEWS flashing wildly on one too many news channels, I realised I'd better stop n actually know whats going on in the world out there. Wht happened tonight is pathetic at best. :|

Come to think of it, organised crime in India was always on a low but this is the abyss. The motives are all wrong, ofcourse I ain't exactly saying the motives are ever right but I always reckoned it requires a degree of angst to react in so violent a manner. A degree of angst brought about by years of turmoil or oppression not one movie which actually aimed to be cute. Leaving the complete lack of skill of our renowned movie-makers aside, and also trying hard not to look at this from an educated point-of-view I still find it extremely difficult to even come close to grasping the slightest reason as to what would bring about anyone to bomb 2 cinema halls full of people for such a reason...

..or maybe it was not for that reason, maybe it was just a very clever criminal act. I wish. What makes their mind tick? (pun unintended but cool all the same). What level of complete social blindness do you have to attain to take such a useless path? ah well.

Moving onto other topics quickly, 'cuz I don't usually post relevant stuff...Half-Life 2 rocks. I'll tell you why. Play Doom 3 and HL2 within the span of a few hours and you shall realise. The game has so much life. The undead act so very undead, the environment is so haunting and alive that you pay attention to the finer details and the background music is completely non-intrusive. Unlike Doom 3, where reload, shoot, run, shoot, reload becomes a chore rather entertainment. The game had soo much potential, with such great graphics and amazing in-game moments involving some dramatic sequences. All lost because of the lack of direction. ah well.

Now this is a plain_vanilla blog.

Over n out.



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