Here it comes to an end. My tryst with competitive exams. Or does it? For now probably. Always loved 'em. *nerd alert!*

I'd say this is one helluva way to bow out. But then, this ain't exactly a lot to shout home 'bout. Or is it?

Maybe it is, a single digit rank always makes one feel good. :D Me being that one. :-"  I ain't disclosing details...:D

I will say this though. Its just awesome to give an interview to a journalist asking you questions like "so who was your inspiration?". I've always wanted to get up on stage n say, "I'd like to thank God, my parents for their inspiration, my dog for keeping me awake in the nights, my  grandparents for being there, chintu for being chintu, my doodhwala for all the strength, maa lakshmamma for cooking unedible black thingies, naa akka ki anna ki koda nennu chaala thanks chepali anukuntunanu, marri naa coaching-institute-waalu kossam koda antha dabbulu ichinanduku ninda subakankshalu, ee bloggers ki koda chaala vandhanalu...and finally, I'd like to thank my goldfish :) ."

So I said all that n more to a Telugu newspaper today... :D I say you gotta start these few words shall be my first few steps into celebrity-dom!! muahahhaa! First Andhrajyothi...then the world! or wurruld as I ought to be pronouncing it in this moment of gult-stardom that I've attained. :-"

Now for me to put finishing touches to that Grammy award-winning thank you speech. 8-}

Feeling glad.



PS : I really have been waiting to use that mood icon for a while now. :D


Current Mood: Triumphant
Current Music: S5 - Malarey (the coming of age of south-indian pop! listen i shay!) :D