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rock_26iin | 17 June, 2005 22:39

I am going to try to talk sense here but I don't think that is possible since I am senseless. But that should not mislead you, since senseless people are very much able to talk sensible stuff. Now this sensible stuff (which will come later)that I am going to try and talk here, will make sense but will be completely pointless. As such why are you even reading this when you know that it is going to be pointless? I'll tell you why, its because this is a human instinct, to do what you are not supposed to be doing. We just can't help it, we want it and so we do it and I do not think I know what the "it" in this sentence means but I think that you do. Or maybe you are a cryptographer and are trying to look for the point of this post in all the sensible stuff bred into it. Well, I wish you all the best

rock out!



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Jaan | 18/06/2005, 09:05

Hiya rockboi, I have been on the blog world in a while and what happened to your other blog? um did you perhaps forget your password, as i have? Just curious...

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Jaan | 18/06/2005, 09:06

*I meant I have NOT been blogging lately...sorry pointless typo, d'oh!

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rock_26iin | 18/06/2005, 14:53

Hiya Jaan

nah, deleted that blog since it was as pointless as this one :roll:

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BW | 18/06/2005, 19:04

That was a lot of sensless stuff about senselessness.

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rock_26iin | 18/06/2005, 20:14

nahi be, it was pointelss talk, but it did make sense, didn't it?

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