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24 Jun 2005

Government vs. God

Posted by Oblivion in General | 3:16pm

Spotted on the entrance gate of Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore - Government Work is God's Work

Let me see the logical connection:

1.God is omnipotent, government is omnipotent. So, government is God
2.God is omnipresent, government is omnipresent. So government is God
3.God is omniscient, government is... well, omniscience does not matter to government because it very well knows that omnipotence suffices. So, the fact that it knows such supreme truth makes it omniscient too. That, in turn, implies, by logic, that government is God
4.God is an invention of man, government is an invention of man. So, government is God
5.Man blames God for problems in life, man blames government for problems in way of living. So government is God
6.God does not give a damn to man's prayers, government does not give a damn to man's prayers or demands. So, government is God
7.God was invented to ensure security after death, government was invented to ensure security while living. So, government is God
8.God maintains an account of man's karma and punishes or rewards accordingly (poor soul! For all His genius, that's the most interesting work He has!) after one's death , government keeps a track of man's deeds and punishes accordingly, so government is God. Interestingly, just as God's model for punishment or reward does not yield to logic, government's model for punishment is as illogical
9.God proposes, man disposes; government proposes, man disposes. So, government is God
10.Man is sent to Hell if he disobeys God, man is put behind bars if he disobeys government. So, government is God

Now, because government is God, government work is God's work!

Of course, I am dwelling on incorrect comparison - for, it is not meant to equate government with God, but government work with divine work. Technically, government is meant to focus on the 'welfare' of the populace, so government work implies serving people, with their well-being as the principal motive. Translate that to emotion, and we immediately recall the words compassion and forgiveness - the indispensable traits attributed to God.

Coming back to the comparison, althought it is incorrect, yet it is not illogical - work is averse to government, so there's no such thing as government work. It's all a game of power. That, ergo, leaves only government and God for comparison.

Will there ever be a day on which the authority of both government and God is dispensed with? Meanwhile, I'll continue with my own share of the Devil's work.

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