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18 May 2004

Lines of Wisdom

Posted by Oblivion in General | 11:57pm

Questioner: "If one can have the privilege of becoming totally
aware, how can we then help those who are conditioned, who have a
deep resentment in them?"

JK: Why, if I may ask, do you use the word privilege? What is there
sacred or privileged about being aware? That's a natural thing,
isn't it, to be aware? If you are aware of your own conditioning, of
the turmoil, the dirt, the squalor, the war, the hatred, if you are
aware of all that, you will establish a relationship with another so
complete, that you are related to every other human being in the
world. You understand this? If I am related to somebody completely,
totally - not as an idea or an image - then I am related to every
human being in the world. Then I will see I will not hurt another -
they are hurting themselves. Then go, preach, talk about it - not
with the desire to help another, you understand? - that's the most
terrible thing to say, "I want to help another". Who are you to help
another? - including the speaker.

Sir, look, the beauty of the tree or the flower doesn't want to help
you, it is there; it is for you to look at the squalor or at the
beauty, and if you are incapable of looking at it, then find out why
you have become so indifferent, so callous, so shallow and empty. If
you find out that, then you are in a state where the waters of life
flow, you don't have to do anything."

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