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The last post..

14 Jul, 2005 @ 7:24pm | General

We came in at dawn. The day looked fresh and exciting. We spread our carpet and displayed our wares. In the midst of it all that we had to offer , we placed our heart.
Then we waited with hope in our soul.
Many passed by, some lingered and one stopped briefly
The day is over. Its dusk now, the shadows have lengthened and there is none in sight
We sighed.We reclaimed our heart, we bundled up our wares.
We hoist it wearily on our back and face the dying sun.
Its time to move on
Tomorrow, another day, another place, another life another blog.

Goodbye hyderabad.

Current Mood: Bye!
Current Music: i want to break free- queen


[No Subject] | Posted by chotacyrus

man..FH's gonna miss u..leave ur URL here when u start a new blog!

@ 1:29am, 15 Jul 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by JLU

'We' still brave the heat n cold n dust n indifference, to stay on :)

You seriously leaving? Used to like your posts.....

@ 11:04pm, 16 Jul 2005

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