Burnt Butt

aloque | 19/05/2004, 09:22 hrs

its a trial by fire. and no one makes it out unscathed. if you make it out and can still recognise the burning remains of your backside, you'd have done extremely well.

that's exams in mbbs for you. 23 theory papers (when added up) with only sundays as breaks, 14 gruelling practicals within 17 days, ooohhh about 20,000 pages of revision, examiners intent on playing god for the day, and the inherent variability of every human on earth that no text can prepare you for. sounds bad? it's worse than it sounds.

but people during exam week are a far cry from themselves. inherent variability aside, people are transformed into.....

1) SCABs or sleep-deprived caffeine addicted bawlers who are characterised by frizzled hair, hugely swollen eyes, stuttering, incoherent speech and really abnormal bowel movements. if they are not balancing 3 kg text books on their knees while on the indian loo, they can be found in the local STD booth crying at the top of their lungs, yes, bawling to their moms to please let them come home.

2) Runaway Brains - these are the guys who get up in the middle of the night and up it to the railway station causing much grief and lost time to their unfortunate friends who ahve to then drag them back. we had to lock a couple of them inside their rooms just so we could sleep for a couple of hours.

3) The Mosquitos - the absolute pests of medical life. no amount of repellent can repel these guys who sleep all day so that they can study by night. only, when night comes, they are still sleepy, can't handle the tension and go flitting from room to room pleading people to save them. the only people who can save them are the Modis.

4) The modis are the guys who sit up all night just to get their micro xerox in order. these are the guys with small heads and suspiciously large paunches who always seem to have an extra set for a price.

5) then there is dr.r, my senior who lost some time and had to give his exams with me. altogether separate category. the only time he'd study was when he was riding his bike. huh? yeah...unfortunate me had to ride pillion on the way to the exam center explaining the nuances of microbiology.

dr.d has to get a special mention for his fabulous tea which he made at all times of the night for the scabs and runaways but never for the modis or mosquitos. he was the only truly happy soul when exams came around coz he really loved to chat over a cup of tea.

i am glad that its over and done and i got out with only monor burns but i am going back during next exam week just to be part of the madness again!

btw, i was a scab during my first year ! waaaaaaahhaha mom, i am going to fail. let me come home and marry a rich girl. the STD booth guy got real scared!! 


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  1. Visit Neurotron

    You are one of the best writers I've read here. Beginning to regret not checking out your blog earlier. Keep the funnies coming, man...don't take much to make ppl cry these days, but it sure as hell takes a helluva lot to make them laugh..

  2. hey neurotron,
    kind words maketh the man.
    funny words maketh fullhyd hot blog. thanx fullhyd.
    guys you make the bloggin world go round!!!

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