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Ramdom thoughts

malakpetmasala | 19 July, 2005 08:17

Another day passed by, I created a few new tunes in my head, and made my soul dance to them. I probably should consult a bollywood choreographer to get the right effects. It was just a passing thought last night that it actually has been more then two months since I had given up on alcohol and a few other excitants/depressants. I am doing alright as of now, I actually tried some beer on Friday, but did not really feel the true spirit of a beer drinker, so had to leave it after a few sips. Sometimes it just so happens that you really carve for things but at the stroke of the moment when you have it in your hand, you just do not feel need for it anymore. I am not really sure if it is beneficiary or not, but I have not realised any change in my life since, just that I miss her more with every passing day i spend thinking about her.

I met my boss this morning over the morning cakes. First things first- the cakes. In general terms, I am not a big cake-y person but there was this sticky date and walnut pudding I tasted this morning, the sweet flavour of his cake is till lingering in my buccal cavity. Coming to my boss, he is a very nice guy and there is no doubt about it, just that he wants me to gear up for mission impossible and do certain experiments which no one in the institute has been successful so far on. I actually started my work here doing one of those "state of art" experiments and one year since, I have not got any satisfying results and now, I am going to embark on Episode 2- Return of the J (my name, actually).

A mate of mine and I actually planned to make the best use of the cheap movie deals on Tuesdays. We normally watch 2 movies one after the other, and we make a deal that we go together to both the movies and I pick one of the movies and he picks the other one. Mine is Sincity, don


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