hmm felt like a blogging day ..
Wow !! Its been a week already at my first real job ever, feels like i started yesterday ..all tense..all worried that i might just turn out to be the dumbest person in the whole batch ..that i might get the definition of 'booting' all wrong in the first class, that i might be all shouted at for not being 'professional' , that i might spill the free coffee , that i might get late every single day ..that i might jus go to work and discover that my name isnt on the list at all !!
Yes, i was paranoid.
Not all of that happened though. I got a little late,but then so did the 90 other trainees :-)
I didnt spill coffee, cos i couldnt find the coffee machine.The only question i was asked was my name, i couldnt get that wrong !My name WAS on the list, twas the last name on the list !!
Its been alright, its not really a happy thing to be told every single day, that the only stupid constant thing in the IT industry is change..that we could get thrown out if we didnt 'learn' every single day , that having fun meant coding an online scrabble wasnt entirely a thrilling experience to start studyin all the 20 odd subjects that i had already covered during my engineering ..and then to be tested on all that ..all over again ..:-|.
But there is a bright side ...the food is awesome !! Subsidised prices and what not ..The id cards are neat ..makes u feel all important ..the campus ..the office that is ..looks really nice when it rains ..the local train rides are comfortable and a lot of fun .I also finally have a designation a PAT ..a programmer analyst trainee..yayyiee...Its a whole new world ..a world thats tough , but pays you back in more ways than one ..
Is this what i really wanna do ?! Thats a question ill keep asking myself throughout my life ..
So, until i find the answer to that one,keep wishin me luck !

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