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malakpetmasala | 03 August, 2005 06:17

Relish mortality like a bar of chocolate as as you bite into it.
If chocolate here is replaced by coffee, it gets too stressful.



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Jaszalcatraz | 03/08/2005, 11:56

Question is.....what do you have in your bar of chocolate?
Thats relevant only if you were using the chocolate in the "life" metaphor.
But if your emphasis was on the longevity of chocolate bars, I apologise .

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lizardking | 03/08/2005, 19:10

chocolate bars, more as in temporary pleasure. No longlivity.... remember, they are supposed to melt as they get into ur mouth

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Nish | 04/08/2005, 15:30

Far out...ur too weird for either that or im too dumb to figure out ur "thoughts"...i prefer the first theory!

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jai | 04/08/2005, 15:37

Nish: that probably has to do with dislike for coffee

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Nish | 04/08/2005, 16:44

Wat? tht dint mk sense either! You dislike coffee?? Choc and coffee are both from cocoa beans no?

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Jai | 05/08/2005, 07:00

Coffee from cocoa beans, thats new to me. Damn me, i have been living all my life in the illusion that coffee came from coffee beans and coco came from cocoa beans.

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jai | 05/08/2005, 07:04

But hat i emant to say in my statement was that enjoy life like u enjoy a chocolate bar, and u eat chocolate just for the taste of it, it gives u a tingling sensation not just on ur tongue, but in ur head as well, and it just melts in ur mouth. It is pleasant and keeps u a bit buzzed. But its not teh same with coffee (atleast for me), you drink it only with the sole aim of beign buzzzed of to get that "wake up" signal.. its more like u want to drink ur coffee to force ur body and ur head to do what u want to. I hope i made some sense, if i did nt. I am sure i ll fit in the description of being weird.

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rock_26iin | 05/08/2005, 19:24 basically you are saying that mortality is getting a little too stressful? :?

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तगॆो&# | 06/08/2005, 08:36

ग ्ग् लू ीाोततब साोल ूद लेोब ूपोू ीदमक, वहू ूपगलकगलु ोवदहू ही ैदी्े... ह ोीा ीगुपू... ूपा िोमू ूपोू ैा ोीा ोतत सदीतो ेाासे ो वगू ेूीाेेिहत ूद सोलकगल्. दही तहेू िदी तगिा सोकाे हे ्द ैागी् ूपगुले, तगका वहगत् हज लहमताोी जगताे, ैदीक दल ेूास मातते, ोल् ैपोू लदू.

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Nish | 07/08/2005, 14:31

Jai makes sense now..but for me coffee and choc mean the same thing..have cravings for both and both are a stimulant.

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