The lizard dance

The fears, the dances, the exotica.


malakpetmasala | 07 August, 2005 14:07

Alone, she sat there
staring at the unknown,
like the flower in her tresses
drooping towards death
with every shape the moon changes.

Malignant, her thoughts were
like a tropical hurricane,
destroying everything
beautiful, ecstatic;
they built over the years.

Teardrops dried up
before they could
leave her trodden eyes
And what has she to lose
now that she lost her love?

PS. An extract from my livejournal



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Nish | 07/08/2005, 14:33

Watcha worried bout?

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Lizardking | 08/08/2005, 08:21

Na, its about a friend who i am worried about.

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rock_26iin | 08/08/2005, 18:12

Hmmmm.......that's all I can say!

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lsd | 08/08/2005, 22:48

hellooo..what is this whole idea of urs behind becoming a lizard king??and how r u..eversince u went back??

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Jaan | 09/08/2005, 02:11

Hey ra, Happy Friendship Day - it seems to be very popular in India!

And, the poem totally made me teary. :)

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lizardking | 09/08/2005, 06:10

Jaan: Happy friendship day to u too. I know it is pretty popular.
LSD: I have been good ever since i got back and about the lizard king, i guess it is a slow transition
Rock: I dont really understand the language of hmmmmm s rocky!

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Anil | 10/08/2005, 00:37

perhaps love can be found again...I shall hope sit in the past and forget to to look at the present around will only make one sadder I feel...

on another note was wondering did you write 'The First Dance' or is it by apna Jim man?

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lizardking | 10/08/2005, 09:56

Anil: na man... it was me who wrote the first dance, why the doubt?
and i do agree with u about the sadness part.

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Anil | 10/08/2005, 16:32

then I'm astounded...bcos for one I liked it so much and the flow of psychedelia is (so far) at its peak there....had a doubt bcos it reminded me so much of Morrisson's writings and I mean that as a compliment...hope you continue to write in such a vein...

and to change the topic lil have u thought about blogging on blogger?? it will be a better place to showcase your work to a wider audience I feel...what do u think?

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Lizard king | 11/08/2005, 05:38

thats high praise man. I thought i d shift to blogspot or blogger as u have mentioned, but i dont not write as often and not much mainstream, so i restricted myself to where i am. but now, i ll rethink.

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Lizard king | 11/08/2005, 05:40

And u definitely cant rule out the Morrison and Nietzsche influence of tragic psychedelia in my poetry.

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