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malakpetmasala | 15 August, 2005 06:31

I refuse to consider myself a part of Asia. The mighty Himalayas stand testimony to my decree; I was born a wanderer, thats my destiny. I call myself paradise, they call me Bharat.



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Anil | 15/08/2005, 14:49

are you talking about yourself? or is this from some forgotten speech by Subhas Chandra Bose? ;)

But quite appropriate I must way....grand as the himalayas and irreverent as an angry ocean...

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hector | 16/08/2005, 02:07

Bullshit. Dosen't make sense at all unless your name is Bharat.

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lizardking | 16/08/2005, 05:31

Anil: Its not about myself, its more like a voice.
Hector: My friend, I am just putting facts together, and here its me, as a personification of the entity "Bhart", not by name.

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tabs | 16/08/2005, 15:01

so u have relocated

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Nish | 17/08/2005, 15:13

haahaha..i ask the same question as tabs.

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Lizardking | 18/08/2005, 07:25

Nish & Tabs:I would have been a part of Asia if i were to be born there! Its the relocation that has got me closer to Asia.

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Nish | 29/08/2005, 08:53

k...lets hear something new.

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