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rock_26iin | 18 August, 2005 22:02

This time I am going to live up to the name of this blog. In diverging from all the poetic stuff, I am going to tell you somethings I think are true and I speak out of experience.

- Dumbf*** is a very, very funny word

- When you look at the mirror and scream, it means you don't look like your mental perception of yourself

- You may not remember what you did after 2 packs of Parle-G and 3 cups of coffee

- A ghost-written autobiography isn't really an autobiography

- "Ask me no truth, and I shall tell you no lies" is one f***ed up paradox

- "Glittering Bathrooms that fit your pocket" isn't a very smart marketing slogan. What the f*** will I do with a bathroom in my pocket? Maybe put a finger in the tub, or let my thumb go for a shit so that it can think....hmmm

- Slapping someone in front of nearly 100 people is not a very smart thing to do, especially when those 100-odd people are parents of your friends

- When your life revolves around a discussion board and yahoo messenger, it means that you have no life at all

- The amount of language needed to be known, to get around in a place that knows only that language, is equal to the amount of language to be known to say that you don't know that language

- When you listen to "Paranoid" for an hour and a half continously, it probably means that you are paranoid too



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lizardking | 19/08/2005, 08:31

NA Rock... when u listen to paranoid even for a complete day without a break, it just means that u are in the process of self discovery. It is the greatest song of all time.

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rock_26iin | 21/08/2005, 13:31

Self-discovery eh? How can there be discovery when the self is unaware of itself?

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lizardking | 22/08/2005, 06:37

Well, thats a good start Rocky boy... now that u have discovered, that u are not aware of ur own self! IS nt that a part of self discovery?

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rock_26iin | 22/08/2005, 15:45

Hahahaha, cornered me there, pal! :D

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SeH | 26/08/2005, 05:01

I think I find me in You

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