...in Good Will Hunting. Totally!


So i was watchin da movie last nite. Saw it for the first time.
Yes. I'd joined a cult of non-tv-watchers...and had thus missed the movie the first 600 re-runs.
But i DID catch last nite's and i must say i ij very impressed with da movvay.

The whole intense fight with the self and awl that aside,
i wis struck by how similar we both was.
Matt Damon and I.

I'm Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.

Without the genius, ofcourse.
Or the good looks. Or the diction.
Or the suaveness. Or the poise.
Definitely without the girl.

Without the janitor's job either.
Or the uncontrollable rage.
Or the total disregard for social niceties.

Oh crap! I'm NOT Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting!


PS: sorray for all da trouble :D

PPS: i ij make up for yer trouble ok?

1. The Original Matt Damon/Ben Affleck written_on_paper script of Good Will Hunting
I've read half of it already. Soooper :D.

2. Good Will Hunting Central.
Reviews/Transcripts/The whole deal.


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