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The Universe Is Wired The Wrong Way

rock_26iin | 27 August, 2005 22:44

A very good friend of mine once told me a sentence. Although I did not believe him at first, certain instances in my life have finally convinced me that he was indeed speaking the simple truth. That one sentence, which comprised of only three words, couldn



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Jaan | 28/08/2005, 10:51

*No WAY! Is this you - growing up? Awww!!! My baby! Aw! ALL Grown up! Koochie Koochie koo!*

Now that you have learned that - this is second part of the sentence: "But You can always forgive them."

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rock_26iin | 29/08/2005, 22:24

Counter-point: Why should I?

There has to be a reason for everything.

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Jaan | 30/08/2005, 01:11

Because humans make mistakes that are forgivable.

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rock_26iin | 30/08/2005, 21:54

But should the mistakes be forgiven only because they are forgivable?

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Jaan | 01/09/2005, 19:03

No, sweetie. You should forgive them because they are humans.

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rock_26iin | 01/09/2005, 19:25

How many times?

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Jaan | 06/09/2005, 07:59

I suppose as long as you live but its up to you, love. I have found out that having an unforgiving nature leads to an empty life. Live full.

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