The lizard dance

The fears, the dances, the exotica.

An ode to the king

malakpetmasala | 31 August, 2005 09:34

Shining shining, the night is shining
Tweaky tweaky, my life is turning.
Imaginary friends all crawling
into the cask with snakes and lovers

Shining shining, the night is shining
riding riding, my back is hurting.
Distant drum beats and the ancient theatre
screeching lions eating lame warriors.

Shining shining, the night is shining
slowly slowly, the music's dying.
exorcism, the monsters mating in my bed
by my ribs and the little Spanish lady.



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Anil | 02/09/2005, 23:09

although the last two lines were very nice, excuse me, but for some reason this reminded me of Anu Malik of all people!!

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lizardking | 05/09/2005, 06:44

Anil: went to watch this movie called 'last days'. Was actually supposed to be a fictious movie depicting the last days of Nirvana, was really trippy and these lines here are just an inspiration from the movie, and yeah.... i would nt be surprised if it sounded like Anu Malik with all the paired words.

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