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rock_26iin | 02 September, 2005 20:33

Random thoughts that floated through my mind while my English lecturer was giving me words to play with (she was explaining something and I was picking random words from those sentences and coming up with don't know what to call them..)

Independence is relative

Responsibility is a hinderance to genius.

Seclusion - the desperate man's best friend

The best narcotic is power

Ignorance is blissful to whose who have it and painful to those who seek it

Loneliness goes hand in hand with introspection

Subjection by will - sign of genius?

Legislature - protector or destroyer?

Edit:I've filtered out a lot of other stuff I wrote which didn't really make a layman atleast..maybe some psychiatrist can discover hidden patterns in them..My mind is deranged.



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lizardking | 05/09/2005, 06:55

What do u normally do in ur chemistry lectures rockie boy?
Cos i used to love my english lectures (but that was during my undergrad days, but for that u need to have good lecturers). And chemistry lectures were only for creative art ie poetry and comic strips.

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rock_26iin | 05/09/2005, 18:42

if its theory, i sleep and if its practical i play with all the colored things they have in the glass jars...

Anyway, me generally enjoy my english lectures but she was making us write notes, and i don't write notes, so i was busy pretending :D

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blur | 14/09/2005, 05:54

i think its my first time here, not sure

thr a couple of things i definetly agree with.

i though they made just a bit too much sense :)

hiya anyway

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blur | 14/09/2005, 06:02

i usually dont read blogs (not completely ) unless they are damn funny cuz poetry is not my thing and serious blogs most definetly arent. but u obviously had a very small archive so i read it. just wanted to tell u its nice :)

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rock_26iin | 14/09/2005, 21:44

Thanx :D

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simplegrl | 12/10/2005, 01:22

"Loneliness goes hand in hand with introspection" so true. I really like it

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