The lizard dance

The fears, the dances, the exotica.


malakpetmasala | 12 September, 2005 05:22

dig holes-erect poles
kill a few tigers,
fix satellites, fly kites
make them go poo-poo
round and round, around us.
Switch on your television,
bitch about commercialisation

Race you car at high speeds
crash into the sleepy truck
watch yourself in slow motion
and see the city lights
outnumber the stars by ten to two
and if you can fuck, fuck the world
the world's waiting to be fucked.



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cowboy | 15/09/2005, 00:42

Got to ask you this. *Are* you trying to be the next Jim Morrison? You are good.

[No Subject]

Lizardking | 15/09/2005, 07:21

Cowboy: Thanks. And i na, i am not trying to be the next Jim morrison.

[No Subject]

cowboy | 15/09/2005, 19:23

Keep the Lizard singing anyway.

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