Am bored. Well that aint new is it? So whats new? Am bored inspite of having a lot to do. WHAT? that aint new either? well just felt like putting up that picture, thats what i feel like.

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just wanted to tell you guys that I LOVE YOU

i feel like saying that a lot lately except to no one in particular.

isnt that sad?

btw i'm watching rock star INXS lately. the first time i saw that was with the whole stupid gang in dehradun while fighting for blankets with pillows might i add. my vote goes to marty, i like him, NO let me rephrase i think i love him. hes outta my league i know i knowwww

well if ur not watching ROCKstar INXS then go to and listen to TREES by marty. its the cutest song ever. i kno i say that a lot but it really is cute.

Current Mood: Sad
Current Music: marty- trees (go listen to it already)