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19 Sep 2005

Life is a bitch

Posted by rishabh in Music | 10:54pm

7 am-4pm classes, sleep, eat, lil bit of comp/tv, study, eat, study, study, sleep, same old story.
Man duz get a lil bit annoying at times dont it, especially on a monday morning.
Thankfully, my lovely SYSTEM OF A DOWN has helped me cope up with the trauma for this week atleast. Man i am in looove with the band...aiite not in a gay homo sorta way, but in a musical connection sorta, the interesting thing bout them is that they're ARMENIAN, i e they're from armenia aiite that was a dumb thing to say.
But then, man they're awesome. I was seeing the video of chopsuey, it was pretty ok, ya know stage with ppl around, crazy tatooed and long goatee-beard , lookin like cylops kinda guys screaming for no reason, and then suddenly stoppin to say sumthin melodious and soothing,and then in a flash screaming again, these guys are silly bastards i tell ya, silly bastards who are shit cool man. The guys just rock! Thanks Sai Ram for giving me their videos, rock too man!!!

Current Mood: Constipated
Current Music: take a wild guess??lol

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