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25 Sep 2005


Posted by rishabh in Personal | 12:08am

Does it ever happen to you that when someone tells ya that something is awful, and they really mean, u agree with them just so that they'll fucking shut up, but dunt really pay too much attention to what actually is being said? oh shit y am i asking this, obviously it happens to all of us, otherwise we'd all be sum psychic faggots like "TULSI VEERANI". Anyways, it happened to me today in my practical class.
You see, a week b4 our pracs started we finished the chapter "salt analysis" in IIT class. My pals were like , rishabh man H2S aka hydrogen sulphide has the suckiest small on the planet, it jus makes ya wanna die. i was like, really? but didnt imagine it to be really that bad. I mean its just a little sulphur, the stuff from which gun powder is made, so that can't have a foul stench. But oh i was wrong.
Come24th september, i took a test tube with a sodium sulphide(which didnt give an aroma by its own as well), and reacted with HCL. HOLYFUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let me put that in a more controlled manner
Man it was like shit, only worse, it was like the hussain sagar, only filthier, it was like fart, only messier. damn man. H2S kicks ass for all the wrong reasons. I actually felt like how harry felt when the dementors came next to him. All the happy thoughs meltin away, and being surrounded by stench, man it was a nightmare. I had to bury me face in me shirt, where the mornin'g deo came to be rescue. Thank god for Park Avenue!
The nest time i'll always take a perfumed hanky wid me!

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  1. By blur

    25 Sep 2005, 6:57am [ Reply ]

    dude u have prob with INXS wen u cld listen to backstreet boys and maria carey and wht the fuck tony braxton. u r not fine my man


  2. By 3ngin33r

    25 Sep 2005, 7:18am [ Reply ]

    LOL @ the thought of carrying a perfumed hanky

  3. By rishabh

    25 Sep 2005, 5:12pm [ Reply ]

    check the comments to u r last blog entry, i straightened things out there.

  4. By 3ngin33r

    26 Sep 2005, 6:24am [ Reply ]

    me ? or .. uh, blur ?

  5. By rishabh

    26 Sep 2005, 5:19pm [ Reply ]


  6. By 3ngin33r

    27 Sep 2005, 2:34am [ Reply ]


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