The lizard dance

The fears, the dances, the exotica.

Waterlogged hope

malakpetmasala | 26 September, 2005 08:50

Anger, like a red paint
spilled over
fields ever-green,
of happy talk.

Broken, into dark smooth
curves of charcoal trails
of tears of sadness
in the farmers eyes
by thunderstorms
before the harvest hour.



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God II | 26/09/2005, 19:35

stop killing the rats!!! become a poet oh chipkalion ke badshah :)

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Lizardking | 27/09/2005, 06:31

Akhil, aka GOD II: pretty hard to fill my stomach with poetry, my friend.

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Nish | 04/10/2005, 03:55

As always i dont kno wht ur on about....hows doin??

Re: Waterlogged hope

guest | 19/09/2011, 12:42

good stuff

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