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29 Sep 2005

Notes on the ZIPPER

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 4:58pm

Its used to happen quite often to me. No we're not talking indulging in gay porn(i'm totally straight btw), I'm talking about the zipper of my trousers being left on.
This problem as you might know happens only in Jeans, for normal trousers score over jeans in the zip department.
This Zip since then has been given several names such as the Good(Zip)
Ugly(Post Office)
Coming back to the topic, It was a great concern to me, and trust it doesn't take u to be a genius t figure out when it's happened. I mean, you are asking doubts to your chem lecturer about Raoult's Law and you have these ugly bitches laffing at ya, now Raoult wasn;t a transvestite, so its pretty obvious what they're giggling bout. Or else, u r in a mall, and u notice a chick checking you out, you see that suddenly, the horny look on her face has just turned to a expression that'd make ya believe that she was being served shit.

Now the problem lies here, when you realise the true story, what dya do then?
Do you move u r hands towards the zipper and close it in front of the entire public, who'll for sure will be thinking of you as a sex hungry maniac. Or do you, turn aside for a moment, do the stuff, and turn around, nah too obvious, or simplywalk away and act as though nuttin happened?
Again it depends on the situation.

Now why does this problem arise:
Its like Integeration in calculus, not one particu;ar reason satisfies all.
Some times the waistsize of the jeans aint proportional to u r waist size, i.e, u r pant being too large
Or maybe while zippin the trouser, you didnt zip it till the top most point,
Or maybe, coz u bend a lot
......n REASONS.

So what the fuck dya do?
Just wear a longer shirt, agreed you;ll look like a wannabe puff daddy, but atleast thats less humiliating.
Or walk around starin at u r crotch all the time, nah we aint that influenced by MANSON yet.
Or just be careful b4 going to large gatherings esp when sexy members of the opposite sex are present.

Thank god my new pair od jeans has no such problem. Thank you Levi's. Go to hell Wrangler!

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