War Pigs

aloque | 22/05/2004, 08:12 hrs

I've tried a lot of different things on this blog and people haven't thrown me out yet, so here goes nothing...

Ever pervasive, omniscient,

the stench of human decay,

nauseously infests the currents

of air, on a sun-less red day,

when battle field Earth is center stage.



Generals gather in their masses

of trained inhumans, murky mortal clay,

to wilful strew the field with carcasses.

They, life-less, look into the scarlet glare,

yet to comprehend its futile despair.



Bayonets wielded by hearts that're clouded

and motivated by crudely atavistic ways,

gouge the living flesh of souls, long dead,

as a steel grey bullet quickly, quietly allays

the realisation that arrives, although delayed.



Crazed hands raised in frenzied unison

feign celebration, as in their survey

lie friends, lie foes, still against the horizon

that's as blood-shot now as it was that day.

Name the victor. Name the vanquished. I pray!


war hasn't really been at the top of my list of favorite things for mother earth for about forever. some help from sabbath's 'war pigs' has to be acknowledged.

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Responses to War Pigs

  1. Wow wow wow! That one was really quite good. Yep, I'm surprised. Nicely surprised though. :)

  2. really thought people wouldn't like it. almost did not put it up.
    thanks a mill.

    some else please confirm? i think aran and neurotron are somewhat biased!!!

  3. Why do you think I'm biased? Fat head! Juss take a compliment as it's intended. Alright, I'll wait for two mins. now.

  4. I wonder if I'd have seen the Warpigs connection (the flow, Im guessing) if you hadn't mentioned it. Or is the acknowledgement for some other aspect? In any case, it IS very good. The ababb has been worked well...

  5. i know now of your unbiased nature and rest my fat head after hitting it twice thinking"what was i thinking?"

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