Well I want to post. Turns out I have nothing to; most of the things I usually plan on writing on my blog suddenly decide to vanish right out of my head when I sit in front of the computer. Am not sure why but thatís how it is. Well considering there is nothing much to say I just decided to put up the tracks that are ringing in my head, well more like the Winamp.

RHCP -- californication. Reminds me of my summer. One of my friends had her message tone as this song and if I slept over at her place that was like subrabharatam for me : ) hehe

Jimmy eat world -- WORK. I donít know why but I think this song can make me smile when am low but this doesnít really mean am low right now.

Good Charlotte Ė I just wanna live. Well I just like this one.

Nirvana Ė I know the guitar chords for this one hehehe thatís why Iím listening to it.

Live Ė Dolphinís Cry this one is just awesome I have no clue why but I could sing along forever.

AlterBridge Ė Open your eyes.

Fuel -- Hemorrhage Does anyone know the meaning of it, donít say brain hemorrhage dummy, apparently there is some pun things to it which someone told me but I forgot because I was on my way to the airport and when someone is bugging me about the pun intended behind it, I usually donít listen.

Pink Floyd Ė Wish you were here. Well this was evident from my previous post now.

Well my play list isnít usually this small and its not right now either I just donít have the patience to type it out and I well I donít want to considering itís getting boring.

I got a B in my compsci C++ programming and turns out am not very happy about it, cause well Iím a super geek with programming and stuff. True I screw up sometimes but a ĎBí does not sound good to me.

Bleeeeeh my blog needs someone else to post on it turns out am not writing anything fun lately.

Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: RHCP- californication