Accounting sucks. Today will be one of those days; Iím going to vent my frustrations. Accounting sucks! I know how accounting got into this world. Apparently it was some Luca Pacioli. The moron was an Italian, I absolutely love Italian food but as it turns out I despise Accounting. Now my dearest Luca died quite a long time ago but am seriously contemplating bringing him back to life and giving him a very slow excruciating and painful death. Now to tell you the truth there are a lot of students in my class who are willingly going to fund my necromancy tuitions (If there are any) for this event to happen and they will peacefully watch me torture Luca Pacioli back to death.

Ok for ignorant bloggers who are wasting your very precious time reading this post that basically has something to do with accounting Iím here by going to educate you a teeny weeny but about it.
Disclaimer: this will by no means Ďreallyí enlighten you about the stupidity or intelligence involved in accounting.
Basically it sounds simple you punch in a bunch of numbers into two separate columns and both of them have to balance out but hereís the catch they wont, NO NO they will never balance out. They have never ever balanced out for me. Here by I declare the IMMORTAL fact that accounting SUCKS!

It is the suckiest thing known to mankind. It sucks more than housewives, yes I absolutely hate educated housewives who sit in the house watching sopas all day instead of working, just lazy assed morons who think they are so thop makes wanna remove their brain out and give it someone who deserves that knowledge. You donít really need to be educated to watch stupid soaps all day, no, you really donít. Well thatís a whole different topic. Basically accounting sucks hehehhe

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