Today I will take the liberty of publicly humiliating some of my closest friends right here on my blog. Well not much of humiliating guys, donít panic and call me. Just some of the funny things that happened, let me just type in a few ofíem cause typing all of it just doesnít practical for a student who studies and works. Iím not jobless.

Me and Neha (totally feeling dumb cause we had an exam next day and both of us were cramming for it ONLINE.
neha: am hungry
me: eat re
neha: ordered Chinese chicken, its on its way.
me: (still very dumb might I add) neha how do u know the chiken is Chinese re?


ok this is a girl who I donít even like, sheí extremely annoying and from where I stand I think sheís horny, all the time. lets just call her PK. I wasnít even a part of this but I just have to put it up. Ch told me about this.
PK: oh boy the guys here are hot, look at those cute asses on that stage
Ch: am looking, am looking
Pk: this is bad, itís like giving Viagra and tying me to a chair;

I couldnít stop laughing when I heard that because sheís such a Ho

This was one of the drunken nights in the summer. We were out in BnC on Thursday, everyone was shit-all drunk and I was one of the designated drivers which means I hadnít had much to drink. My responsibilities included chix and neha. We were driving to Pickles from BnC at 12:30 in the night. Both chix and neha were HIGH, I mean really really GONE. We were passing by an office and this dumb dumb watchman gives a flying kiss ( I donít know how else to put it, you know the kind with a gross sound added to it) now neha darling heard that and this is how it went
neha: lets hit him up
neha: stop, stoooooooop let hits him up
me: what the fuck?
me: its 12:30 in the night why the hell díyou wanna hit him?
Chix: yeah yeah lets hit him
Me: shut up
Neha &chix: (they actually shut-up) apparently I have great power over drunk people. I could help imagining how thing would have gone if I was drunk enough and we actually stopped to hit that guy up.


this was between me and Krishna, he lives in Houston and the whole of Houston was evacuated because of the hurricane (RITA). I was a bit worried and called up to find out if he was ok.

Me: hey u ok? Did u evacuate?
Krishna: no re I donít really have to katte
Me: abbey rrita is gonna hit you.
Krishna: fine when its done Iíll go stand on my roof and look at mother nature and say ďis that all youíve got BITCHĒ

Cmon now that was funny

Now neehar is a freaking smart ass, heís the 4.0 gpa kinda dude. I though he was the most intelligent guy I knew but this one time he pretty much proved me wrong.
me: how did the exam go?
neehar: I screwed it up
me: I though you studied, dint you?
Neehar: yeah
Me: then?
Neehar: I wrote everything correct and then re-wrote all the answers from my neighborís paper. turns out they were all wrong.
Me: sometimes I underestimate your stupidity.

6 OK everybody has their very own stupid drunk up story and I have one too.

I got really drunk on sitaís birthday. I was kinds of everyoneís target, I think I had 3 strt shots. Everyone wanted me to blabber and apparently the only things I told everyone was

ĎI have citrus allergyí

And I DONíT even have citrus allergy

this is one of my fav bloggers the great gyani, I donít know what gyani about him though. We spoke ridiculously for almost 2hours everyday earlier but now both of us became pretty busy. I miss you and of course all that trash we spoke.

me: hows it goinggg?
me: anything changed in the past 24 hours?
Non-sensei: with what?
me: with ur auntís brotherís sisterís fatherís dog?
me: you you dumb dumb dunce
Non-sensei: what??
me: ok in the most simple words
me: how have you been, has anything significant in your life changed in the past 24 hours
me: plij tell me u understood it or am killing myself
Non-sensei: heh heh
Non-sensei: babe
Non-sensei: u gonna have to stop going crazy on me, ok?
me: lol but what can I do hun......i know ur taken but still i tend to trip over thy non-sense
Non-sensei: LOL
Non-sensei: u trip over my nonsense??
Non-sensei: i mean, u actually like it?

and for the finale I will have my dumb dumb sita

me: i sent u a 15k mail
me: freaking long, u'll die reading it
sita: 16 k? itís 16 k re?
sita: why donít you write novels?????
me: no re 15k
sita: 16 bitch
sita: it says so
me: ohhhh
me: it says 15 for me in my id
me: hehehe have fun
sita: gawd
sita: that is so frikkin long
me: you asked for it
sita: do i have to read it for real?????
me: bitch!

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