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10 Oct 2005


Posted by rishabh in Personal | 9:39am

Now that i have your attention. lol!
I have been completing my prac records this past week, after a while my hands get real tired(duh), once it so happened that i was on the chair, and my hands became real tired, and i took a little break. Out of my curiosity i was seeing the movies section of the hyderabad chronicle, now that i can't go to the theatre myself, all i could do was check out which theatre was playin which one.
Yawn. same old boring crap.
During the last 2 minutes of my paper gazing, i came across the blu movies section, and i was amused. The names of these movies brought a smile on my face. No this was not a horny, "i wanna shag u" sorta grin, but a genuine laugh, it was coz the names were soooooo funny. check it out
Beauty secrets
gupta shastram
jeena rahasyam
chinna papa pedda papa
european beauty
padosan ke ghar mein(english version)

i dont think anymore needs to be told.

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  1. By manas

    11 Oct 2005, 5:18pm [ Reply ]

    What do you want to say?

  2. By rock_26iin

    11 Oct 2005, 6:35pm [ Reply ]

    Which skool/coll u in, kid?

  3. By rishabh

    12 Oct 2005, 9:04pm [ Reply ]

    manas:porn movies have shit funny names

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