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rock_26iin | 11 October, 2005 18:51

I have suddenly started believing the theory of relativity. It makes a lot of sense. No, seriously, it does. It just makes sense that the movement of stars millions of light years away, the names of which you don't know and probably never will, can affect your decision of whether to eat the remanants on the plate or not just makes sense. Okay, bad example, actually, horrible example. Alright, I'm trying to be funny and I know that its an exercise in futility and so I'll just tell you what suddenly has made me believe in the theory of relativity:


Location : KBR Park

Scene : The subject, i.e. I, is jogging (or doing a rather silly impression of what is perceived to be exercise) and is thinking of how mucked up his life is. He continues with this train of thought throughout the jog, trying to make some sense but it appears that sense has its own work to attend to. Anyway, when he is abt 400 mts away from the out gate, something happens.

This is what happens:

Some guy tells his five year old kid, "Just watch where you are going and you will be alright"

Sense suddenly returns to this hitherto idiot and he believes that relativity truly does exist.


Now, some explanation : Things are supposed to happen the way they happen. And the reason they happen the way the happen is because you try to make them happen in a certain way and may or may not be succesful. Now, does it make sense?

P.S.: This post was suppposed to come out ages ago but somehow it did not. (BW might know when this happened). Maybe, this decision of mine will make some alien lifeform not commit suicide.(Relativity)
P.P.S. : The apostrophe ain't working in the title of the post. Maybe, someone in Honullulu is constipated



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God II | 13/10/2005, 21:06

I believe in that theory too rock boi.

every time theres a dent to my gadi, i knw some one somewhere in the universe was drooling at chiks while driving!

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rishabh | 16/10/2005, 18:31


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