Being me, I am cynical. Being me, I am sarcastic. Being me, I am vain. Being me, I am grotesque. Being me, I am superfluous. Being me, I am self-righteous. Being me, I am satanic. Being me, I am verbose. Being me, I am gloomy. Most of all, though, being me, I am me. It goes with the territory of being me.

What I realised, though, right about now, is that I may have set the record for the most occurrences of 'I' and 'me' in one paragraph. This is no mean feat, even for me who always puts 'I' before anyone else. Anyone except my blog audience though. See, just how much I care about them? I actually managed to use 'though' three times in my post already. Never before have I put myself to this level of decadence and depravity. I may re-use words of my previous posts, but I never ever do that for the current post.

It is for that very reason that I use cheaper substitutes like 'however', 'but', 'nevertheless', 'notwithstanding', 'although', and any of the million more that a quick search through throws up. That I did not search this time is attributed solely to a certain blog audience of mine who had vowed never to comment on my blog again. That and the fact that the vow was broken within two hours of it being taken.

Somehow, I like it when people go back on their words. It may seem to be the easiest thing to do. How difficult would it be to say something and then not do it? This is where most of us err. For all that we may have become, there are still those among us who find it extremely difficult to part with their integrity. Even those that already have done so, have gotten there with tremendous dedication and commitment. I lucked out here. I had none to begin with. So there arose no question of my ever having to part with it.

That did raise a much more serious concern. The bar had been set really low. Could I ever hope to slither from right underneath it? And, voila! I not only managed to do that but I continue doing it - setting the bar lower and still snaking my way across.

All that I have said now, I already have many a time. But it was important that I did it again. For even if it may not be apparent, I do care about those who choose to comment on my blog. And I did not wish that a certain someone put herself (I am guessing the gender here, and even if I am not I would be using non-sexist language) through the enormous effort of sifting through archives of my posts to decpiher all that this one post managed to capture.

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