Damn a fellow blogger for shattering my illusion! Why can't some people let other people be? Here I was, all blissful in my little world, believing that nothing could ever get to me. Then she says something very innoccuously (at this moment, I don't really care if that is the right word to be used here or even if it is spelled right), something that those among us of lesser flesh and blood would simply have let pass right through them feeling as much pinch as they do when the zillions of neutrinos pass through them every day of their miserably despicable existence. Of all things that she could ever have said (sue me for using a cliche), she says that I am goodie-goodie, that I have had no 'action' worth the mention.

And she does this on messenger. Why? Because (what if a sentence should not begin with 'because'?) she knew as well as I did that saying this on a public forum would not only demean her in the eyes of the blog reading junta it would demean her in her own eyes. Those like me have have no qualms over sinking to lower lows. But those like a fellow blogger have just not evolved enough.

Not evolving enough is not such a bad thing. Cockroaches, unchanged for the last 100 million years or so, have shown that by surviving whatever it was that wiped out those mind-bogglingly big lizards that are for some reason assumed to have been cute by all those who lay great value on being politically correct. What a rat's ass! If only they knew that there are far more captivating asses, like those of the likes of Cindy Crawford and Karolina Kurkova, as a race we would not have shied away from calling a spade a spade, or in this case calling a lizard a barf-inducing specimen. Imagine waking up to a T-Rex slithering on your ceiling!

Perhaps my fellow-blogger has the stomach for folderol, in which case she can digest a lot more than what most can. That and the fact that she loves me so much that her vision is blurred and she sees me the way she wants me to be perceived. Yes, she has religiously followed the happennings on my blog for a year and a half. Somewhere down the line, she had to snap.

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